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About Sanoflore

Inspired by nature, proven by science.

SANOFLORE, meaning ‘the blossom’ in French. It is founded by Swiss-born Dr. Rodolphe Balz in 1972 and is now one of the leading organic brands in France. SANOFLORE is fond by celebrities, bloggers and women for its awakening natural scent and high-performance experience. Hollywood superstar Sandra Bullock is one of its big fans. 

Its botanical garden is a place far from all pollution, at highland of Regional Natural Park of Vercors in France, where medicinal plants have been studied to extract all their therapeutic properties. It combines the best of nature with all the scientific rigor of dermatological cosmetic to offer women a natural alternative to conventional skincare. 

All products of SANOFLORE are certified by ECOCERT and COSMEBIO as organic , which do not contain any toxic and controversial ingredients; they are cruelty free and suitable for even sensitive skin. 

Thanks to the properties of distilled organic medicinal plant essences, far more concentrated in active molecules than synthetic ingredients, SANOFLORE combines power, efficiency, pleasure and responsibility in all its product lines. 


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