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Our  Story

Reveal Your AURA ●

 Embrace Your Unique Beauty


The Discovery

Our name ‘AURA’, the distinctive atmosphere and quality that surround each individual, carries a unique meaning yet has always been forgotten. It is an invisible gift from born, the unique beauty of each beautiful individual.

Have you discover yours?


noun [ C ]uk ​ /ˈɔː.rə/ us ​ /ˈɔːr.ə/
Origin: 1350-1400
a feeling or character that a person or place seems to have;
a type of light that some people say they can see around people and animals

<Source: Cambridge Dictionary>


The Seek



AURA was born

from a love for purity, a passion for healthy lifestyles and a pursuit of true beauty within unique individual.

We love to be natural and follow their own style but not the trend. We began our voyage of self-discovery by returning to the nature, where we realised that true beauty is all about the unique AURA from within each individual. We dedicated wholeheartedly to look for ways that help reveal one’s AURA. As the nature lover, we always believe the earth offers the best gift to us. ‘Our skin can always reflect our health while ultimate beauty comes with a balanced body and mind... The power of nature is the most harmfulness and purest key to restoring our natural skin beauty.’ With such a strong believe in mind, she began her beauty journey. ‘Are there more natural choices for Hongkongers?’ The answer is,
‘absolutely YES!'
Eco-friendly, natural and even organic products are the cutting-edge nowadays. There are plenty of natural brands all around the world, especially countries in Europe, America and Australia, where green markets are well-developed with strict monitoring and certification system to ensure the quality and standard of the products. We carefully choose natural actives with proven benefits to combine with the latest and best extraction method that create products with efficacy and purity.
With an aim to provide Hong Kong people a better, healthier and more natural choices, We set up an one-stop natural and organic platform -




The Commitment

Health is priceless.
Studies found that appro. 100 - 150 chemicals are found in the bloodstream of adult women. 60% of the daily products you place on your skin will be absorbed into your bloodstream easily. It is thus important to beware of what we consume and apply on our skin everyday to avoid the use of toxic ingredients! Using natural and organic skin care products will be one of the best choice for true lasting beauty.
At AURA, we pride ourselves on our commitment to select the best of natural beauty and to never compromise efficiency while ensuring all our products are always cruelty-free. These brands share the passion and mission with us - respecting the earth and animals, making good use of non-toxic ingredients, picking the best from nature...etc. Products are carefully picked and tested by Miss Sop and AURA team. They are directly imported from the country of origin to ensure its quality, authenticity and at its best price.
We love, we care and we cherish not only ourselves but the planet.


Be your AURA

Blossom like Sunflower or as peaceful as Freesia, no matter which style are you, we are here to help you to reveal your AURA and embrace your unique beauty!
You will find an array of exclusive natural and organic beauty selections from head to toe, including the world's most innovative and ground-breaking natural brands, the most sought-after products by clean beauty supporters worldwide, and high quality organic brands passed the most stringent certification standard in the world. We believe nature offers the best solutions to cater every beauty and wellness need. Beauties, come pick a green, healthy and evoking choice at AURA for your skin and body!
photo credit: Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels, Lucas Allmann from Pexels