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Melvita: offering the purest of nature for over 30 years.

Melvita, a pioneering organic beauty brand born in Ardèche– a natural and pollution free region in Southern France. It is now a leading organic brand in France with all of its products made in France on a human scale.

Natural + effective + safe + sensorial = Melvita!
Found by Mr Bernard Chevilliat, is a nature lover, beekeeper and biologist in 1983, the word ‘MELVITA’ is originated from two latin words: ‘Mel’ and ‘Vita’, which reference to ‘honey’ and ‘life’ respectively. Just like bees, Melvita selects more than 600 pure, natural ingredients and blends them to create true nectars of beauty. Melvita constantly explores new ways to formulate organic skin care products with high efficacy. It has the worldwide biggest portfolio of organic beauty care products.

“Nature at heart” is always the approach and its ecological commitment of Melvita. It is convinced that the organic commitment is one of the keys to the future of the planet. To go for it, Melvita stresses on resolutely organic, each product contains at least 95% of natural ingredients. 

As one of the first beauty care companies to be awarded with ECOCERT certification and COSMBIO label in France, Melvita’s products have high concentration of organic ingredients and no toxic ingredients present in the products. Melvita also ensures its products are cruelty free.