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Lafe's 品牌故事 

Natural for All


Why Lafe's

小家庭 大願景

Since we began in 1994, we have always been more than just a bodycare and deodorant company.  Our family's mission was to create a genuine & authentic natural brand that was affordable to all. Lafe’s products are always natural, free from harmful ingredients. Our products are paraben free, dye fee, petroleum free, gluten free, non-GMO, formaldehyde free, propylene glycol free, alcohol free, phthalate free, triclosan free, sodium laurel sulfate free, PEG compound free, DEA/TEA/MEA free, VOC free and mineral oil free.

自 1994 年開始,Lafe's 不但專注研製香體膏及身體護理產品,他們的使命是要創造一個讓所有人都負擔得起的純正天然品牌。Lafe's 致力於創造不含毒素及有害化學物質的產品,只採用天然且經美國農業部認證的有機成分,不含防腐劑、石油成分、鋁、對羥基苯甲酸酯(paraben)和丙二醇(propylene glycol)等有害物質,因為塗在皮膚上的物質最後都會進入你的身體。



Lafe grew up in the rural mid-west, raised by an amazing mother whom was decades ahead when it came to nutrition and conscious living. She always said “Read the label and if you can’t pronounce it, avoid it."

After surviving serious illness, she invested time researching ways to keep her family healthy. She read labels, gave her family vitamins and grew her own food or bought it locally. Did we mention this was the 1960’s? Lafe and his siblings missed out on processed “food”, but gained an education in the role mother nature plays in our health.

He began creating his own formulations in 1994. What started out as deodorant (pretty important for most of us), has now turned in to a full line of personal care products for the whole family.  Decades later, our family owned company continues to produce conscious products with ingredients that are sourced from mother nature’s gifts.  Lafe’s Natural BodyCare – Conscious living for a balanced & fulfilling life.  Family – Community - You

Lafe 的母親早於上世紀 60年代已深知人工化學成分危害健康、除了為家庭成員選擇天然食材,還會手作天然身體護理產品。從小受到母親薰陶的Lafe,於1994年創立了Lafe's,希望提供每個人都負擔得起的天然有機身體護理產品,為人類和地球謀福祉。

Never Any Toxins, Ever

無毒無害  永續健康

 The plants of the north are grown in tough conditions where the short, intensive summer with the midnight sun enables the plants to absorb an exceptional amount of protective bioactive substances, i.e. vitamins and polyphenols. Among all, the Northern wild berries are considered as real Superfood. These edible wild berries have been proven to be healthy with numerous health effects including benefit to our skin.

Lafe’s深信,塗在您身上的東西最終都會被吸收進您的身體。基於這一信念,Lafe’s承諾絕不在任何一件天然有機護理產品和止汗產品中添加有害成分。Lafe’s從不使用合成香料或化學香料;大多數化學香料都是從石油成分中提取的。亦不會使用對羥基苯甲酸酯 (parabens)、染料、石油、麩質,轉基因成分、甲醛、丙二醇、酒精、鄰苯二甲酸酯、三氯生、月桂基硫酸鈉(SLS)、PEG 化合物、DEA/TEA/MEA,也不含揮發性有機化合物和礦物油。這些成份對Lafe’s來說統統也是對健康有風險的禁用品